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If you have a legal question, please contact a lawyer in the appropriate jurisdiction with experience in the applicable area of law. Nothing on this web site is, or is intended to be, legal advice. Nothing here should be used or relied upon as legal advice. The information on this site is intended only to provide basic background on our firm, our lawyers and our areas of practice.

Connecticut law changes frequently through judicial decisions, legislation and regulation. It may have changed since these pages were last updated. Connecticut law has probably changed since the publication of the articles listed in the lawyer biographies or elsewhere on this site. Slight differences in facts may make a significant difference in outcome. Many general rules of law have exceptions. Sometimes, compelling facts can create new exceptions. Thus, any information set forth herein is not intended to answer questions regarding specific claims.

Do not base your decision as to whether or not you have a valid claim on information provided here. Contact a competent lawyer. If that lawyer is not interested in pursuing your case, obtain another opinion from another lawyer. Lawyers often differ in their assessment of the relative strengths and weaknesses of cases and in their willingness to take on particular matters.

We, at RisCassi & Davis, are Connecticut lawyers. Unless otherwise noted, all references on this site are to Connecticut law. The law of other jurisdictions may differ. If you and your case have no connection to Connecticut, the information on this site will probably not apply to your situation. You may wish to contact a lawyer in the appropriate jurisdiction. If your case has some connection to Connecticut, and some connection to another state, a choice-of-law analysis would be required to determine what law applies to the various issues in the case. In that event, you may wish to contact a lawyer in one or more of the involved jurisdictions. Again, even if all contacts are with Connecticut, and all parties are from Connecticut, you should speak with a lawyer to evaluate your rights under Connecticut law rather than rely on any information set forth here.

If you would like to consult with us on a legal matter within our area of practice, please telephone us. We can briefly discuss your case. If we conclude that it merits further review, we can then discuss it in the privacy of our office. Of course, there is no fee or obligation for an initial consultation, either on the telephone or in the office.

Statutes of limitation limit the time within which claims may be brought. Statutes of limitation may vary with the jurisdiction, nature of claim, and the nature of the parties to the claim. In some circumstances, under Connecticut law, there may be even shorter periods in which notice of the claim must be given to a defendant. Because of this, we recommend that persons considering hiring a lawyer to pursue a claim consult that lawyer as soon as possible.

Any links to other web sites are offered only as a convenience. Links are not endorsements of the linked entities or sites nor do they represent our endorsement by the linked sites. Internet users should evaluate the merits of all information on all web sites rather than simply assuming its accuracy.

Mention of any particular present or former case or client is not intended to imply any endorsement but merely to illustrate the types of matters that we handle.

No attorney-client relationship shall be formed based upon viewing pages on this web site or by contacting RisCassi & Davis. An attorney-client relationship may be formed only when the client has signed a written contract for legal representation by RisCassi & Davis. We do not seek to represent anyone desiring representation based upon viewing this web site in any jurisdiction in which this web site fails to comply with all applicable laws and ethical rules.

Although six of our individual lawyers are certified as Civil Trial Advocates, a recognized specialty in Connecticut, no law firm may be so certified.

Attorney Eugene K. Swain and Christopher M. Houlihan of our office are also admitted in Rhode Island. Persons seeking a consultation with Mr. Swain or Mr. Houlihan regarding a Rhode Island claim should contact our firm at (860)522-1196. This website does not discuss Rhode Island law.

Attorney Christopher M. Houlihan of our office is also admitted in Massachusetts. Persons seeking a consultation with Mr. Houlihan regarding a Massachusetts claim should contact our firm at (860)522-1196. This website does not discuss Massachusetts law.

Social Security Number Confidentiality Policy

This company is committed to protecting the confidentiality of Social Security numbers collected in the course of business, as well as other personally identifiable information such as driver's license numbers, credit or debit card numbers, bank account numbers, identification card numbers, passport numbers, alien registration numbers, and health insurance identification numbers.

Access to Social Security numbers and other such personally identifiable information shall be limited to those employees and others whose duties require such knowledge. Employees of this company are prohibited from disclosing, directly or indirectly, Social Security numbers and other such personally identifiable information to anyone unless there is a lawful business justification for the disclosure.

Prior to disposing of documents or computer files containing Social Security numbers or other such personally identifiable information collected in the course of business, the Social Security numbers and other personally identifiable information shall be destroyed or made unreadable.

Violation of this policy may result in discipline up to and including termination of employment.

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